At Arelo, we develop and design an interactive, engaging, and an innovative omnichannel customer experience.

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CX Applications

We offer interactive Customer Applications covering all touchpoints ensuring seamless product engagement with your customers
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Data Management

Our products have Data Management and Analytic Reporting capabilities that enable multiple users to access real-time data. We also offer 3rd Party System Integration services.

Content Management

We provide easy to use backend interface for inhouse Content Management of CX Applications. Arelo also offer an all-inclusive Content Management Service solution.


We offer flexible Hardware solutions, from leasing to purchasing of multiple devices, with local and global delivery services and easy to follow set up instructions.

The Arelo Digital Display Stand

We reimagined customer experience through creating an integrated SMART solution with our leading product- the Arelo Digital Display Stand.

Our users can navigate product content or sign in activities seamlessly through the intuitive application interface/screen. The application can hold multiple pages of content with on and offline capability.

This premium stand has been designed with built-in wheels to relocate with ease.

Our aim is to revolutionise customer experience platforms by continuously developing and innovating our features and offers.

Automotive & Marine Industries

Our SMART solution for the Automotive and Marine industries includes the Arelo Digital Display Stand, giving a real-time customer reporting capability, alerts, interactive customer request selections, marketing and VIN specific content display, centralised content, data and reporting hub. A stand that provides customisable solutions to enhance customer experience.

Other Industries

Our products are flexible to suit all industries, whether you are showcasing marketing content or product information, sign in guests or provide a digital Covid customer data capture tool, we got you covered. Contact one of our specialists today to tailor the right solutions to suit your business needs.

Arelo FAQ's

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What is the Arelo platform?
Arelo is a platform which enables interactive customer experience. For example, it can be configured as an interactive product showroom or as a customer data capture tool. It's true benefit is that it allows consumers to get product specific (i.e. vehicle options and specifications) or generic content (i.e. Model information) to the consumer to assist with making the correct purchasing decision. It allows you consumers to be informed without the need for those pesky salespeople hanging over your customer's shoulders. The interactions are then also tracked and monitored to assist with a more informed customer follow up.
Can Arelo be used for my business?
The Arelo platform is flexible and can be used for displaying interactive digital media within any industry or purpose. As such, it is likely able to be utilised for your business. Contact us to discuss this further.
Is Arelo available for my region?
We ship all over the world. Just let us know the quantity and destination of your stands, and we will arrange an international shipping estimate for you.
What are the specifications of the stands?
The premium stands that we offer have a 15in Android tablet and are designed to be portable but extremely stable (including able to park a car on their base). They come with LED strip lighting and specially branded to you.
Can the stands use battery power?
We are able to also supply an independent batter pack that can be easily removed and charged. The battery will give the stands a minimum of 8hrs of power.
Can you just purchase the software without purchasing the devices?
Yes you can. We do not however certify the performance of the devices, but we can certify them to give you peace of mind (at an additional cost).
If we are purchasing our own devices, are there any recommended devices?
We recommend any 13" Android tablet as the display is optimised for a 13"-15" screen and Android devices are easier to enrol into mobile device managers compared to iOS.


Does Arelo have QR scanning capabilities?
Yes, Arelo supports QR code scanning to allow users to view the content on their own mobile device.
Can Arelo display videos?
Yes, video content is supported by Arelo. It's actually downloaded to the stand to work in an offline setup.
Can Arelo send notifications to staff members?
Arelo can send notifications to staff members via the call assistance button that alert staff members within the dealer assist application.
Can Arelo be used to send emails to customers?
Yes, Arelo is made to be configurable to let you customize your email content and send it to your customers.
Can consumers information be captured and can they request additional information?
Yes, you can configure which customer information you would like to be captured and recorded. Capturing and recording of details is usually during the call for assist of email.
How configurable is the content on the device?
The content on the device is fully configurable in the sense that different pages and blocks can be created to display any bits of information that needs to be displayed. For example, a car showroom can have separate pages for marketing, finance, specifications, equipment and comparison.
Can you have content specific to individual products (i.e. specific to a vehicle, house, etc.)
Yes, this is one of the greatest strengths of Arelo platform, individual products specification, details, and pricing can be displayed even down to VIN number.
Can you compare products from the device application?
Yes, you can compare products (individual vehicles and range of models).
Do you allow users to see what stock is available?
By default we allow dealers to manage their available inventory and what vehicles to be displayed. We have the ability to also provide this search of available vehicles to the end consumer either at the stand or in our consumer Companion application.
Can you integrate the Arelo into you Inventory Management and other internal systems?
We are able to develop integrations easily to your core systems. This could be inventory management, content management, marketing automation or dealer management systems. Please contact us to discuss how we can automate you market and customer engagement systems.
What analytics of the consumer interaction do you provide?
Stand usage, product views, email and assistance notification logs.
Do you have privacy policies in place around the capture of management of consumer data?
Yes, we understand the consumer is your customer and hence the details shared with us are your sensitive information. We abide by the GDPR standards and you cand find more details of our Privacy Policy here
How long do you keep the data of interactions?
To comply with GDPR standards, the customer data is kept for 30 days. Anonymous statistics are kept for 3 years.
Do you offer any dealer staff applications to support the platform?
We offer the Dealer Assist application which notifies staff when a customer sends an assistance request.


How is the software pricing structured?
Licensing is based on the number of sites and the number of display assets (i.e. stands, vehicles or product displays) active on the system. Rates are based then by display asset per month. We cannot give a single rate as it will depend on the level of service coverage and devices used.
How much do the stands cost?
The premium stands are $1450 per stand ($AUD ex GST).
Are there any other services fees?
The platform is designed to be easy to use and to be self-service. However many customers ask us to do the initial set up and loading of content. Our standard rate for services is $150 per hour ($AUD ex GST). We are able to offer project discounts, so please reach out to discuss your project needs.
Do you rent or lease the stands?
Yes we can offer rental or lease agreements for the stands. This is especially helpful if you need additional stands for short to medium term event displays.


What OS does your platform use?
Our servers are hosted on the cloud and we push the data to the devices to be stored to allow for "Offline Mode". The devices can be Android or iOS based devices.
Where are you cloud servers hosted?
Our servers are hosted in Australia.
Does your platform support QR codes and pushing content to the consumer's mobile device?
Yes this feature is available either with or without the purchasing of stands.


Do you have privacy policies in place around the capture of management of consumer data?
Yes, we understand the consumer is your customer and hence the details shared with us are your sensitive information. We abide by the GDPR standards and you cand find more details of our Privacy Policy here.
How long do you keep the data of interactions?
To comply with GDPR standards, the customer data is kept for 30 days.


What do I do if I have an enquiry about my order of stands?
Log a ticket via our service desk at If you do not have a login, contact us via email -
How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?
What after sales support do you offer?
Our onboarding process assists in setting up the stands and their related applications.
How do I raise a support request?
If you are an Arelo customer, you can raise a support request via our service desk at If you don't have an account, please email us at and let us know.
Do you offer any training materials?
We provide a guide document in the form of a PDF file. We are currently working on video guides.

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